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Mobile Pet Massage & Holistic Health Care

Pet Massage Therapy
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  Animals depend on their human care takers for many things:  

food, shelter, water, exercise, protection, attention,

  and just simply having a partner to play with. 

All of these actions are done out of our love for them.  

Our pets are our companions, our kids, our best friends, our soul-mates,

and in some cases, our guides and rescuers.   

We create amazing bonds with the animals that come in to our lives.   

Their love is unconditional and we have much to learn from this.   

One of the key contributions you can provide in your pet's life

is that of great  health, care and comfort. 

Small Animal Massage Treatment

Blood circulation to nerves & brain 
Body balance 
Immune system support 
Joint mobility 
Lymph circulation & drainage 
Mental focus
Metabolic waste removal
Muscle tone 
Nourishment of cells & tissues             
Overall well-being 
Sleep quality 
Speed recovery from injury 
Aids in the treatment of: 

Arthritis aches & stiffness 
Hip disorders 
Itchy, dry skin (Derma Care) 
Joint Injuries
Ligament injuries                           
Muscle tension 
Neuter/Spay discomfort 
Scar tissue
Sinus problems 
Urinary tract issues     


The practice of applying pressure to and manipulating the soft tissues of the body, including skin, muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints, lymphatic vessels, organs of the gastrointestinal system and reproductive system to achieve a beneficial response. This form of bodywork serves to relax muscle spasms, relieve tension, improve circulation, increase flexibility and hasten elimination of wastes. 

Holistic Health 

Holistic health takes in the whole picture of the client: your pet and companion. A successful treatment plan accounts for an animal’s history, environment, relationships, stressors, behavior and response. The techniques used in holistic therapies are gentle, minimally invasive, support appropriate lifestyle
and overall well-being
Nutrition, exercise, enrichment, herbal or essence alternatives are all examples
of what I examine in this
field of treatment.
The wholeness of this scope is centered on care, empathy and respect for the animal being treated.


Reiki involves the transfer of energy through the practitioner to animal to enhance its body's
natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. 
It is a natural, hands-on energy healing system that brings a balance to all levels of the body. 
Intention is the primary method for directing the flow of the energy. 
Reiki and massage make an excellent support pair for achieving optimal care. 

I will partner with you in sharing the goal of a balanced, healthy and happy life for your pet.